London, Ontario Golf Courses

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Golf Course Name Quick Links Contact
Arkona Fairways Golf Course 18 Arkona, ON   519-828-3211
Bear Creek Golf Club 18 Strathroy, ON   519-245-7773
Belmont Golf Club 18 Belmont, ON   519-644-1370
Caradoc Sands Golf Course 18 Strathroy, ON   519-246-4653
Cobble Hills Golf and Ski Club 18 Thamesford, ON   519-461-1720
Dorchester on the Thames Golf Club 18 Dorchester, ON   519-268-8199
Dutton Meadows Golf Club 9 Dutton, ON   519-762-3435
East Park Golf Gardens 18 London, ON   519-451-2950
Echo Valley Golf Course 18 London, ON   519-472-2760
Exeter Golf Club 9 Centralia, ON   519-235-1517
Fanshawe Golf Course 36 London, ON   519-661-4436
Fire Rock Golf Club 18 Komoka, ON   866-241-4440
Forest City National Golf Club 18 London, ON   519-451-0994
Greenhills Golf Club 18Private course icon London, ON   800-273-5113
Hickory Ridge Golf and Country Club 18 London, ON   519-652-0407
Highland Country Club 18Private course icon London, ON   519-681-8251
Ironwood Golf Club 18 Exeter, ON   519-235-1521
Kettle Creek Golf & Country Club 18 Port Stanley, ON   519-782-7500
Llyndinshire Golf & Country Club 18 Arva, ON   519-659-5087
London Hunt and Country Club 18Private course icon London, ON   519-471-2860
Maple Ridge Golf Club 18 London, ON   519-268-7704
Oxbow Glen Golf & Country Club 18 Komoka, ON   519-471-2048
Pheasant Run Golf Club 27 Sharon, ON   905-898-3917
Pine Knot Golf & Country Club 18 Dorchester, ON   519-268-3352
Pleasant Valley Golf 18 St. Thomas, ON   519-773-2911
River Road Golf Course 18 London, ON   519-661-4450
River Valley Golf and Country Club 18Lodging icon St. Marys, ON   519-225-2329
RiverBend Golf Community 18Private course icon London, ON   519-657-4653
Science Hill Country Club 18 St. Marys, ON   519-284-3621
Shawneeki Golf Club 18 Sharon, ON   800-387-8885
St. Marys Golf & Country Club 18 St. Marys, ON   519-284-3704
St. Thomas Golf & Country Club 18Private course icon Union, ON   519-631-4201
Sunningdale Golf & Country Club 36Private course icon London, ON   519-660-8063
Tamarack Ridge Golf Club 18 Putnam, ON   519-269-3720
Tarandowah Golfers Club 18 Avon, ON   519-269-9656
Thames Valley Golf Course 27 London, ON   519-661-4441
The Bluffs Golf Club 9 Port Stanley, ON   519-782-7447
The Bridges at Tillsonburg 18 Tillsonburg, ON   519-842-4822
The Fox Golf Club 18 Granton, ON   519-225-2757
The Oaks Golf & Country Club 18Private course icon Delaware, ON   519-652-1762
Tillsonview Fairways 18 Tillsonburg, ON   877-688-1939
Twin Streams Golf Course 18 Delaware, ON   519-652-5211
Wardsville Golf Club 27 Wardsville, ON   519-693-4921
West Haven Golf & Country Club 18Private course icon Hyde Park, ON   519-641-6041
Westminster Trails Golf Club 18 London, ON   519-668-6121